Horizon defining mountain ranges easily formed with this set of terrain brush masks. Design spanning environmental elevation and sculpt realistic, stylized, or fictional mountain ranges. Sculpt environments and design levels with reaching walls of mountain and carve the horizon with uneven monuments of rock.

16 terrain brush masks providing a range of peaks or spires for sculpting dynamic mountains. Includes 16 .png source files for customizing your own derivative brushes. Along with the terrain layer and the example terrain designed in the video below.

A collection of brushes designed and curated to produce a variety of sloping and pointing mountains separately or in combination. Not limited to realism, as a toolset, can be used in extreme and creative ways to produce unreal and imaginative terrain suited for almost any genre and environment type.

Intuitive, proficient and useful is the goal. Expect future updates and versions that expand and enhance the collection.


Dear Mountain Mover,

Peaks & Spires: Mountain Terrain Brushes are designed and curated to provide a range of mountain possibilities with dynamic creativity of monumental environment design.

Brushes were specifically designed, curated, and tested for and through the 'Raise or Lower Terrain' use. They are compatible with terrain stamp use, along with every other type of brush use, found in the built-in Terrain Editor or Unity‚Äôs 'Terrain Tools' preview package extension. Deviating use types have not been tested.

Brush Strokes: Spires

For spire-like results, it is found and recommended to hold and press the brush in place with a slight wobbling until desired height and appearance are achieved. For more dynamic results, increase wobbling of brush in place. Dragging the brush from this wobble in a direction, curve, zigzag, or in a shape around or away from the origin press will result in greater dynamisms and possibilities. 

Brush Strokes: Peaks

For peak-like results, it is found and recommended in two potential methods. Like the spire formation, press and hold with either a slight wobble or directional drag to form a desired sculpt. The other method is pressing the brush and dragging the bush in a circular motion to sculpt a desired form. 

These methods may produce desired results, but further design of the mountain can be achieved by stroking the initial form iteratively, to add more detail and/or form. From bottom-to-top, top-to-bottom, sideways, circular, and curved directions will give your forms some dynamic arms/branches,

For visual examples and instructions please watch the preview video above.

Brush settings:

In the default terrain editor, a brush opacity below 50 is recommended. While this brush set works in the default terrain editor, it is highly recommended to install the Unity preview package Terrain Tools, for optimal use. Using the Terrain Tools preview package, a brush strength of less than 0.2 is recommended. 

Recommended brush sizes ranging from 40 to 128. Using the Terrain Tools preview package, it is recommended to add jitter to the brush size, in the range of 0.1 to 0.4. As the brush size increases or decreases incrementally adjust strength in correlation. A higher brush strength to size ratio will result in more unreal and dramatic sculpting and brush stroke results.

Creative Disclaimer: As a toolset, this brush set is designed with the intention to enable creative possibility. These recommendations in brush use and settings are suggestions to ensure tested and intended quality, not to hinder or limit your own creativity. Your preferences and experimentation are encouraged! 

Enjoy dear Mountain Mover!


Unity Versions

Works in Unity 2020.3.14f and up.

Render Pipelines

Works in Unity's built-in render pipeline, URP (Universal Render Pipeline), and HDRP (High-Definition Render Pipeline). Assumed to work in custom render pipelines, but can't confirm.

Unity Packages

Unity's preview package 'Terrain Tools,' provides more brush control for further optimal use.

Highly recommended, a video for installing the preview package can be found here.

Peaks & Spires 

Mountain Terrain Brushes

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