Stylized textures derived from and inspired by nature designed to reflect more light. 

50 bright stylized nature materials and terrain layers themed around six essential types: grass, ground, rock, snow, mud, and sand.

Version 2.0 adds a free skybox used for lighting in the following photos. Refined and optimized, 2.0 is a texture/material update.

TERRAIN_Lux is the second version of what was formerly known as "Nature Essential Terrain Textures: Pop." Derived from its previous version and optimized through Abode Substance Designer, it remains the same asset with improved quality and added versatility.

Designed for use in stylized bright glowing scenes and low-lighting scenes that require visibly bright textures. Responds well to hue control by lighting combined with the added custom skybox.

Provides a wide selection of terrain types in bright vibrant stylization. Includes 200 (2048x2048) textures assembled into 50 Unity terrain layers and 50 Unity materials.