A new standard to build from.

Formerly known as "Nature Essential Terrain Textures," TERRAIN_ is version 2.0. Refining and combing the previous version's textures through Adobe Substance Designer, 2.0 is a texture overhaul.

TERRAIN_Lux, TERRAIN_Painted, and TERRAIN_DarkFantasy will be updated with the new standard. TERRAIN_Toon and TERRAIN_Pixel being released this version.

2.0 adds 50 materials in Universal Render Pipeline/Lit and now includes a free skybox used in the photos. Being made and published from URP, only the textures and terrain layers will be compatible out of the box with HDRP and Built-In. The skybox is only compatible with HDRP and URP. Materials need to be updated for both HDRP and Built-In.

See below for instructions.

Open the the material folder via the Project Tab, file path: Project>Assets>DarkMatterMagic>TERRAIN>(assetname)>materials.

Select all 50 materials and change Shader for compatibility with Unity HDRP and Built-In.

The example shows terrain layers, but can be applied similarly to many of the parameters when selecting one or multiple materials, as shown above.

Following red, yellow, green.

Go to the layers folder.

Select all layers with shift-click.

Normal Scale can be adjusted for all terrain layers. Currently some asset packages will contain layers with differing normal scales.

Tiling Settings>Size can be adjusted for all terrain layers. Recommend adjusting to a size that suits your project.

Brightness - skybox brightness

Sun Size - dramatically changes scale of the sun

Range - contains the slider controls for the weight and positions of the skybox colors

Colors - contains the color selectors for the different areas of the skybox

Sky - uppermost area of the skybox

Horizon - point of the horizon, thin and bright

Resonance - resonance surrounds the horizon

Abyss - lowermost area of the skybox

Sun/Moon Color - contains the same range as the skybox Colors, as it is the same sky. The sun/moon shape size and position is currently subtracted into the skybox Colors and the Sun/Moon Color is multiplied with that shape into the skybox. 

Sun/Moon Position - The position of the Directional Light controls the position of the Sun/Moon. In the Shader Graph there is an exposed Vector 3 that is used in the SunPositionUpdate.cs script and attached to the Directional Light.

Experimenting and Customizing the Lighting and Shader GraphThe SunPosition Vector3 must be connected in the Shader Graph and the script must be attached to the desired light source for the sun position to update.

Following red, yellow, green.

Select Terrain from the Hierarchy and then select the second tab, Paint Terrain on highlight.

In the dropdown below select Paint Texture, select the terrain layer below if available.

If unavailable click the Edit Terrain Layers... button and select Add Layer...

Once the terrain layer is selected and highlighted, click the Edit Terrain Layers... button and select Replace Layer...

In either case, select the desired terrain layer from the dialog box.

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