Attention: Increase SBSAR Output Resolution to 4096 for intended material output.

Substance Integration Package for SBSAR Use

This asset requires Substance 3D for Unity for Substance Designer SBSAR file integration and material augmentation. With the free integration package, the SBSAR files can be selected and utilized. Upon selection, the Output Resolution and Random Seed properties are found within the Inspector.  

The Output Resolution is default 1024. Output Resolution needs to be increased through the SBSAR in the Inspector to 4096 for the intended material output. In some cases, lower resolutions will decimate the intended output. Upon changing the resolution, the output textures and material will be updated. The Random Seed property can be used to generate different variations of the source SBSAR. 

SBSAR files must be deleted first to remove the Dark Matter Magic asset from a project. 

For more detailed instructions please follow the link below:


Unity Versions

Works in Unity 2021.3.21f and up.

Render Pipelines

Works in Unity's built-in render pipeline, URP (Universal Render Pipeline), and HDRP (High-Definition Render Pipeline). Assumed to work in custom render pipelines, but can't confirm.

Unity Packages

This Asset requires the free Substance 3D for Unity for SBSAR integration. 



4Grounds: Wetlands provides procedural materials with a natural theme around swamps and bogs. 

Procedural material generation through SBSAR utilization. Materials designed with Abode Substance Designer.

Provides 4 materials, correlating texture sets, and terrain layers all connected to and generated through the SBSAR file.


One of each for each ground:

  • SBSAR file
  • graph_0.asset
  • Material (.mat file)
  • Terrain Layer (.terrainlayer file)
  • Texture Maps (1024 × 1024 default) (4096 × 4096 intended)
    • Ambient Occlusion
    • Base Color
    • Height
    • Metallic
    • Normal

Example Scenes

  • SBSAR Materials
  • Terrain Layers
  • readme.pdf